Terms and Conditions:

How do I use this discount?

Click, print, bring, and save. Just find the discount you want, print it from your computer, bring it to your pharmacy, and present it when you pay for your prescription to save money on the spot.

How does this work? Where do these discounts come from?

These discounts are offered through the Pharmacy Discount network and do not imply the endorsement of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

What type of discounts can I expect?

Discounts vary and can range anywhere from 0%-75% depending on the type of prescription, whether or not the drug is generic, or the pharmaceutical is covered by another discount program, and the location of the specific pharmacy. The average discount is 28%.

Will the discounts work at my pharmacy?

Virtually every pharmacy can accept these discounts. If your pharmacist isn't familiar with our prescription drug discounts, please have them call 1-888-299-5383. Every discount is printed with a customer service number that you can call should you run into any difficulties.

What if the discount I receive is different than what is specified?

Because drug prices differ by drug store and location, the discount might not be exact. Therefore, when presenting this to your pharmacist, please ask for the exact discount that you will receive.

Do I need to register or pay for this service?

No. As mentioned above, this program is entirely free. Simply print and start to save.

What happens when I use my discount?

Just print and bring to your favorite pharmacy and present it to your pharmacist. Your pharmacy will input your information into the computer where your permanent records are kept. Once the information has been stored by the pharmacist, each time you return to the pharmacy you will get the plan's appropriate discount.

Can I use this discount with my current insurance towards my deductible?

Generally yes but you can refer to your contract of insurance for specific answers. Your prescription discount produces the greatest discounts on generic drugs, up to 75%. After you have satisfied the out of pocket payments of deductibles, your insurance policy should pick up the charges, but you must supply proof of expenses paid for the Rx. This also applies to name brand and mail order prescriptions. Most often insurance vendors or PBM should have a prescription claim form that is signed, completed, and submitted by mail from the insured to the insurance company. These claim forms are used for covered members who have lost their prescription card or forgotten their cards when they have purchased drugs. The insurance vendor is usually obligated by contract to pay the covered percentage. In this case, the expenses are probably less than what would normally be submitted by you. This should produce less expense to the customer and less expense to the insurance company, which should produce a reimbursement payment of the prescription claim. Only when your contract of insurance excludes "out of network purchases" would a purchase not be covered. Please refer to the contract of insurance and read the exclusions.

Important Note

Notice to Medicare users: although this discount can be used as a Medicare Part D supplement by covering drugs once participants reach the "donut hole," drugs purchased with this discount program will not count toward your Medicare deductible.